I like these spaces in art galleries,
the air con pumping, the room bare
of bodies. The air con pumping,
wood and acrylic gleam and shoes
thud, shuffle on the varnished cement.
Voices like warm breaths diffuse into the air.
Outside, buildings push away
the sky and streets are made of
feet, but in here
I have room to dawdle and dream.
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Non Sum Qualis Eram Bonae Sub Regno Cynarae

Ernest Dowson

Last night, ah, yesternight, betwixt her lips and mine
There fell thy shadow, Cynara! thy breath was shed
Upon my soul between the kisses and the wine;
And I was desolate and sick of an old passion,
Yea, I was desolate and bow’d by head:
I have been faithful to thee, Cynara! in my fashion.
All night upon mine heart I felt her warm heart beat,
Night-long within mine arms in love and sleep she lay;
Surely the kisses of her bought red mouth were sweet;
But I was desolate and sick of an old passion,
When I awoke and found the dawn was gray:
I have been faithful to thee, Cynara! in my fasion.
I have forgot much, Cynara! gone with the wind,
Flung roses, roses, riotously with the throng,
Dancing, to put thy pale lost lilies out of mind;
But I was desolate and sick of an old passion,
Yea, all the time, because the dance was long:
I have been faithful to thee, Cynara! in my fashion.
I cried for madder music and for stronger wine,
But when the feast is finish’d and the lamps expire,
Then falls thy shadow, Cynara! the night is thine;
And I am desolate and sick of an old passion,
Yea, hungry for the lips of my desire:
I have been faithful to thee, Cynara! in my fashion.

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in the right order this time oops

I never thought of it from this perspective, but now that this is mentioned, it makes sense.

This, ladies and gents, is why anime can be used to write GP papers.

Just saw the above. I haven’t watched the anime, so this is not a personal attack, but— I beg to differ from the above point “By gaining amazing powers through the transformation…the women of KLK become empowered despite (being sexualised)”.

I think there’s a prevailing misconception in popular culture in the form of a superficial understanding of empowerment. Many times, shows claim that they are not sexist because they have “powerful” female figures within. Many examples abound — especially a certain Moffat with his “Hey look at how many asses River Song and Amy Pond kick! I love powerful women, my show isn’t sexist!” There are many instances of movies where the token female inside wields guns and uses physical force, as if doing so immediately makes the movie relevant to today’s feminist values.

The fact is, empowerment isn’t as simple as literally “giving powers”. My personal view is that empowerment has to come from being viewed as a person rather than an object, and if you’re just going to argue that “my female character has powers, therefore it’s ok to objectify her because she’s empowered”, that is just plain stupid, especially when you argue that because of the sexualisation, you are stronger — I mean, I can understand that if you overcome the sexualisation, you are stronger, but because of it? That feels like an opinion absorbed from a patriarchal world view.

If you view someone as a person, equality of opportunity naturally comes along, because you give said person the same affordances you give to anyone else; you allow the person the same learning curve and you give the same level of respect you would give to another person who has done the same task.

If this anime focuses on this sexualisation in order to help viewers to overcome this male gaze through a process of being more concerned about her character (thus growth, and I would expect less objectified shots from the process of this growth), then by all means, it’s a good look at it. If, however, there’s only the weak premise that the females have power, hence they are powerful despite being sexualised, then I’m sorry, I don’t buy it.